We recommend stainless steel or ceramic food and water bowls.  A pet water fountain will keep the water fresh and encourages drinking (which helps to prevent urinary crystals and infections.)

Every kitty needs jingle balls!

We recommend Advantage II topical for flea prevention.  There is a small cat formula for cats up to 9 lb, and a large cat version for cats 9 lb and up.

KItties enjoy bird-watching safely from inside, while relaxing on a soft window seat.

For your convenience, we link below to a variety of kitty products our Ragdolls have used, loved, and we can heartily recommend. These are Amazon affiliate links, and the small commission we receive when you shop on Amazon, will go toward our toy budget!  But whether you purchase your pet products on Amazon or not, you may find the pictures and descriptions to be helpful.

Carriers we like and use:

For trimming claws (kitty pedicures :), no special trimmers are absolutely necessary!  We trim claws with regular human nail clippers. It's very easy; I'll send you instructions before your kitten goes home, and will also be happy to demonstrate if needed!  That said, some of our clients have mentioned that they really like using their dremel-type trimmer like this one (and kitty tolerates it!) 

The best litter scoop we've found:

Pet Products we (and our Ragdolls) LOVE! 

We use a soft bristle brush like this one for kittens...kittens don't shed much, but it gets them used to being brushed:

Favorite litter boxes:  (our kitties use all of these; we love the Omega Paw large size (for clumping litter only,) but it does take up a lot of room.  We have our own method for using the sifting litterbox below...feel free to ask and we'll be happy to explain it to you.  Top-entry litterboxes keep litter inside, and are also great if you have a dog who needs to be kept out of the litterbox   :) 


Our kittens eat Purina One Healthy Kitten formula (We love Subscribe and Save!) Add a quality canned food to help prevent urinary tract problems.

The ultra-fun "Tower of Tracks".  Kittens love this toy, and *we* love balls which don't go missing, haha.

Cats love tunnels, and they especially love the crinkly fabric and hanging toys in these.  It's like playing in a paper bag, only better! 

Other items: Optional, but nice

Health needs:

Our kittens' very favorite TOYS!!

A one- or two-story condo or kitty cube is a nice secure spot for your Ragdoll to take a nap.

Our favorite pet probiotic:


Kitty springs are fun to swat and chase!

Scratching pads are reversible for long life, plus replacements are very inexpensive!

The Turbo-scratcher:

A ball which goes round and round, and (probably) won't get lost...plus a fun scratching surface!  Win-Win!! 

We also use and recommend IHerb for Natural Pet treats, probiotics, and other pet (and human!) health products. 

Click on the IHerb logo above to get 5% off any order (then click on Pets at the top)

...and a feathery wand toy.  These are great for scratching post training...play with your kitten near the scratching post, pull the feathers up the post and encourage him to climb the post to catch the "bird". 

For airline travel (in-cabin, of course), nothing beats a Sherpa carrier for comfort and usability.  If you won't be doing much car travel with your kitty, a Sherpa or similar could be your only carrier.  

You'll need at least one sisal (or seagrass) rope, or sisal fabric scratching post (ideally, more than one.)  This one is our favorite scratching post, hands (and paws) down!   Kittens love to climb this, and when they do, they practice scratching only where they should!  Plus it's big and tall and durable and sturdy, with a wide base so even adult Ragdolls can't tip it over!  We don't recommend carpeted scratching surfaces (you don't really want to train your cat to scratch on carpet, do you? :)

If there is excess shedding (in the Spring, mostly), we use a Furminator.

Freeze-dried chicken is a healthy treat!

Questions?  Click here to email Laurie,

or call  918-917-9799.

RoyalDolls ‚ÄčRagdolls!

When your kitten is no longer growing, by 18 months for most of our Ragdolls, he can very gradually change over to an adult food like this one, or to another quality food. 

Classic "crinkle balls", much loved but they do go mssing, so you'll want a lot of them!

Our kittens use the following cat litters.  They start out on non-clumping clay and World's Best (corn-based) litter, then use a clumping clay as well by the time they go home.  We only recommend a clumping clay litter if you can keep a close eye on them to make sure they won't ingest it if it sticks to their fur.  

I think top-opening carriers are just the best!  Easy to get kitty in/out, easy to arrange a blankie, or even to add a small litterbox. This one's my favorite of all the carriers I own; it also has a comfortable amount of space for longer car rides. 

The original Cat Dancer.  Our kittens and grown-up Ragdolls all go nuts over this crazy simple and cheap toy.  Why? I have no clue..maybe because of its random, erratic motion?  In any case, get one or five.  Your kitten will love you.

A wire slicker brush for older kittens and adults: