~Older Kittens and Retired Breeders~

All kittens and adults pictured on this page are now available and can be reserved with approval for near-immediate adoption!!  These Ragdolls can be picked up here in OK, or can travel to PA for pickup in early March.

We have the best interest of our Ragdolls at heart.  To that end, we are offering a large discount on these older kittens because we want to help them get settled in to their forever homes...these babies include rare flame and cream Ragdolls!




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"Baby William"-- Red (Flame) Mitted Male with blaze...  

(Reserved for Cheryl)

Baby William is an outstanding Red (Flame) mitted Ragdoll with an adorable small blaze!   He has beautiful blue eyes, and a luscious coat.  William is an outgoing fellow who would do well in any home.  He was born on 8/27/07 to Theodora x Champion King Charles.

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Right:  "Billy Boy"...Red (Flame) Mitted Male, Born 8/27/07

(reserved for Justin)

Billy Boy looks much like his brother above, except that he does not have a blaze.  He will be just gorgeous with his peachy coloring and lighter body color.  Billy is an active kitten who loves to play with interactive toys!

LEFT:  "Bicolor Boy"-- Cream Bicolor Male, born 8/27/07

(now $450....neuter included!)

  Our "Bicolor Boy" is very light in color and will remain so as his point color deepens to give him beautiful buff or cream accents.  As a bicolor, he will be mostly white with the characteristic "V" of white on his face.  The overall effect will be stunning with his baby blue eyes.  This little guy is a quieter kitten who would prefer a quiet home...with lots of love and attention of course!

RIGHT:  "Dreamy"...Blue-cream Tortie Bicolor Female, born 8/27 

(Pending adoption by Jessica!)

Dreamy is, well...just dreamy!  She is a bunny-soft Ragdoll girl with adorable tortie splashes of blue and cream on her face, ears, and tail, as well as a lighter "saddle" of color.  As a bicolor, she has white legs and underside, as well as a "V" of white on her face.  She is a sweet and somewhat quiet kitten who wants a special home with lots of loving attention and affection just for her.     



The following Ragdoll Queens will be available for adoption in 2008 to loving homes where they will be the only pet.  We prefer quiet homes for them, with lots of loving attention.  Please contact us for more information or to reserve one of these wonderful girls!

  Queen of Sheba (Blue-cream Torbie Mitted, age 4)...will be spayed and is only $100 to a loving home.  We will miss Sheba's quiet and loving ways immensely, but she deserves to have a home all to herself.  Sheba is up-staged by other kitties because of her non-assuming personality...if kitties are sharing a food dish or water bowl, she will wait until the others are through before taking her turn.  When we feed canned food, we give Sheba her own plate so she doesn't feel the need to wait :)  We want her to be in a single-cat home so she can have the limelight.  Sheba's eyes are a truly amazing sought-after deep blue; they are almost hypnotic.  Sheba has impeccable litterbox manners.  We think she would prefer a quiet home without small children, perhaps with a retired couple or a single person with lots of time and love to share. 
Queen Victoria (Blue Bicolor, age 4.5) a beautiful, big, and extremely loving lapcat, who wants to be ON someone all the time!  However, she does not enjoy sharing human attention with other kitties, and as a breeder she developed a behavior which is fairly common to un-altered cats...that of territorial urine-spraying.  She has now been altered for a year, but has continued the habit in our multi-cat environment.  Because of this special situation, Victoria is FREE to the right home where all involved will be willing to love her and patiently work with her.  We think that once she is adjusted to a new home where she is the only pet, she will no longer feel the need to spray to mark her territory....but we do want to find a home for her where her new owners will work with her to help her feel secure and put an end to this problem.  This could possibly require the use of a product like Feliway, or even anxiety medication.  We realize that this will take a very special home, but Victoria is such an extremely loving Ragdoll,  and we are dedicated to finding that perfect home where she can be loved and happy for years to come.

All kittens pictured on this page are now available for adoption!!

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Shipping and Delivery information:  We deliver kittens to PA with prior arrangement...our next trip will be in February.  Contact us for more information...

After years of breeding our Ragdolls in Pennsylvania, we have recently moved to  the beautiful mountains of Southeast Oklahoma.  We are within easy driving distance of many areas in Oklahoma, Texas, and Arkansas.   Traveling to visit us is a wonderful scenic drive!! We are also willing to drive farther in order to hand-deliver your kitten to you; contact us for more information about delivery possibilities.  We will typicall y charge around $75 to deliver to McAlester, $50 to Fort Smith, $100 to Tulsa, and $150 to Oklahoma City. 

We prefer not to ship RoyalDolls' Ragdoll kittens as cargo; we encourage you fly in and meet us at the airport to pick up your kitten if you do not live within driving distance.  Most airlines will allow you to use a compact carrier and keep your new Ragdoll kitten with you as a carry-on, for a very small additional charge.   Just check with your airline of choice to see if they will allow you this option. American Airlines and Delta will allow two kittens in the same carrier, for the same charge as one.  We are able to meet clients at the Fort Smith, Arkansas or Tulsa, Oklahoma airports.  We do ask an additional delivery fee if you want us to meet you in Tulsa.   We may consider shipping kittens in certain circumstances, for shorter flights, and under ideal conditions...please ask if you want more information. 

For our Eastern U.S. clients (PA and surrounding states)...we treasure the many wonderful clients we met during the years we raised our Ragdolls in Pennsylvania.   We are willing to work with you if you would like to acquire a playmate for your Royaldolls cat/kitten or want to recommend our kittens to your family and friends.  We or some of our Ragdoll-loving relatives will be traveling in to PA several times per year, and could possibly bring your new Ragdoll baby in with us, with prior arrangement.  Please contact us if you would like to be on our "Pennsylvania" waiting list. 


Please call Laurie at 918-917-9799 for more information.


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