Ragdoll Kittens Available! 

April showers bring...Ragdoll Kittens!  We are excited to welcome new babies, just born in early April..they are seal and blue, mitted and colorpoints! There is room on our waiting list for a choice of those kittens.  They will be ready to go home beginning  the end of June. 

We are offering a delivery discount for July 1-2 (Friday/Saturday).  Due to a planned trip, we will be able to hand-deliver your kitten(s) to Plano, TX; Oklahoma City, or Webber's Falls (Tulsa area) on those two days for just $25. 

We also have retired females available.

Click here to go to our Nursery page, or click here to email Laurie

RoyalDolls Ragdolls!

If you would like  information about acquiring one of our cute and cuddly Ragdoll kittens from an upcoming litter, visit the Kitten Info page.  There you will find out about our health guarantee (including our FIVE-year HCM guarantee), our requirements, pricing, how to get on our waiting list for a RoyalDolls kitten, and much more!

*Since 2003, our TICA-registered Ragdoll kittens have been raised in our home and pre-spoiled by our large family.  Our goal  is first and foremost to raise large, robustly healthy kittens with the "melt-in-your-arms" sweet and lovable Ragdoll temperament for which the Ragdoll breed is known and loved.  Of course, our Ragdolls will conform to the breed standard, with wonderful pointed colors and patterns:  seal, blue, mitted, bicolor and colorpoints...even lynx! Beautiful blue eyes and and an exquisitely dense and soft, better-than-a bunny coat round out the ideal RoyalDolls Ragdoll kitten.  To read more about Ragdolls in general, including the various colors and patterns, please visit our About Ragdolls page. 

For more information about our current or expected Ragdoll kittens,  click here to email us......or you may call Laurie at 918-653-3323, or 918-917-9799.